The Death Valley Noobs Rally happens every year at the end of March. This event is exclusive for ADV riders @ and their immediate family.

 Hundreds of enthusiasts on motorcycles use the Panamint Springs Resort as  basecamp.

The entire PSR Campground and Motel Rooms are reserved for this event. Only registered participants are permitted in the campground or use of its facility.

There are several options to stay at the resort. Please read each one carefully to decide what is best for you.


RV Full Hookup Sites:

Limited to 10 sites and priority given to those with the most number of occupants as well as to volunteers.

Tent Cabins: 

Available in 2 or 4 cots per cabin and shared. Just bring your own sleeping bag and a pillow. Maybe ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper…just in case.

Tents Sites:

 To be shared by 2 – 3 riders who rode in. These are small parcels where up to three tents can be set up. You will have to bring and pitch your own tent. Here, you’ll experience the true back country camping.

RV Dry Sites:

Minimum of 4 campers per site. Big enough for large trucks and still have room to share with smaller vehicles. If hauling a trailer just for transporting of bikes, please park trailer over to the overflow parking area.

Overflow Parking:

These are ample spaces where you can park cars, trucks, trailers and others that are not needed to be in the camping/sleeping sites.

Motel Lodging: 

These are motel rooms behind the restaurant. You will need a password to be able to reserve.

Cabin Lodging:

These are wooden cabin structures located in the campground. You will need a password to be able to reserve.


Panamint Springs has a very good restaurant on the other side of the highway. This restaurant provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a wide selection of beers and other drinks.


There is a gas station on the premises. It sells 87, 89, and 91 octane gasoline and they take cash or credit. There is no pay-at-the-pump service, there is no service available after operating hours. Always get gas before you head back to camp after the ride.

General Store:

The store sells all sorts of snacks, sodas, ice and a few others.


The nearest gas station from camp is across the street.

It’s good you fill up before the ride so people don’t wait on you.  I always tell people to fill up after the ride before heading back to camp. You also don’t want to miss the pre-ride meeting in the morning while worrying to get gas.

We recommend that you have enough fuel for your chosen route. Your mileage may vary, but we always say 150 miles of mixed dirt and pavement is a good start.


If you travel to remote places, there’s likely no cellular phone service. Do not ride alone! Always ride with someone, think of safety in numbers. Your riding buddy is your life-line if something happens to you.

Since the event is not a riding rally, we do not have a Search and Rescue Team to come to your needs. There may be volunteers in camp that will step up and come and get you, but that’s just a possibility; besides, they may have already been enjoying their favorite alcoholic beverage…that will just compound the situation.

By riding smart and safe, you’re chance of getting hurt will diminish.

Make sure your bike is properly maintained and you carry the necessary tools to perform minor trail side repair. Having essential spare parts and tire tubes will also prevent you from getting stranded. Dual sport DOT tires with knobbies, such as Dunlop 606, TKC 80, Kenda Big Block and Pirelli MT21 are just some of them.

Have enough fuel for the ride you’re going to do. Contact the ride leader on how much fuel will be needed. YMMV

Most importantly, bring enough water and food. Don’t forget the hat!

Wear proper riding gear and body protection. No jeans, hiking boots or open faced helmet.

Since there’s no organized group ride, people can meet in camp or discuss their plan on the forum. Be honest with your your skill level and capability. Anyone who is familiar with the route and destination should step up and lead the ride.

If you have health issue, make sure the ride leader and another person know about it.

Please respect the ride leader and sweep. No one is getting paid, they do it merely to provide assistance to you and others. Always be patient and appreciative!

If you bail out or split from the group, tell the ride leader or at least have someone relay it to the ride leader. It is best to find another person to ride with you on the way back or at least escorted to the nearest highly traveled road.


registration starts january 1, 2019
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